There are a few things to consider when choosing hair colors for 50 plus. The first is your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, you’ll want to choose hair colors that are also warm, like golden blondes, auburn, or chestnut.

If you have a cool skin tone, you’ll want to choose hair colors that are also cool, like platinum blondes, ashy browns, or black. Another thing to consider is your eye color. If you have blue eyes, you’ll want to choose hair colors that will make your eyes pop, like golden blondes or auburn.

If you have green eyes, you’ll want to choose hair colors that will make your eyes pop, like ashy browns or black. And finally, you’ll want to consider your hair texture. If you have fine hair, you’ll want to choose hair colors that will give your hair some texture, like platinum blondes or ashy browns.

As we age, our hair color can be one of the first things to change. Whether you’re looking to cover up some gray or just want to try something new, there are plenty of hair colors for 50 plus that can give you the look you want. If you’re looking to cover up some gray, you might want to try a dark, rich color like auburn or black.

If you want to add some dimension to your hair, consider highlights in a lighter shade. If you’re ready for a completely new look, try a trendy hair color like rose gold or platinum blonde. No matter what hair color you choose, make sure to consult with a professional stylist to find the best shade for your skin tone and hair type.

With the right color, you can look and feel your best at any age.

hair colors for 50 plus


Should your hair be lighter or darker as you age?

Your hair should not be lighter or darker as you age.

Which hair Colour makes you look younger?

In general, lighter hair colors make people look younger than darker hair colors. This is because lighter hair colors tend to be more vibrant and youthful-looking. They can also help to make your facial features look more pronounced.

If you want to look younger with your hair color, then going for a lighter shade is a good option. Some of the best hair colors for making you look younger include blonde, light brown, and light red.

Is 50 too old for purple hair?

No, 50 is not too old for purple hair. Many people of all ages dye their hair purple. It is a popular color that can be seen in all age groups.

There are many shades of purple, so you can find the perfect one for you.

What color hair makes you look older?

The color of your hair can definitely make you look older. If you have gray hair, for example, it can make you look much older than you actually are. And if you have dark hair, it can also make you look older, especially if it’s starting to get a little bit of gray in it.

So, if you’re looking to keep a youthful appearance, you might want to consider dying your hair a lighter color.

30 Best Hair Colors for Women over 50. Trend 2021

Highlights and lowlights for over 50

Whether you’re looking to add some dimension to your ‘do or trying to disguise some grays, highlights and lowlights are the perfect solution. But if you’re over 50, you may be wondering if this hair color technique is still appropriate for you. The good news is, highlights and lowlights can be a great option for women over 50!

If you’re looking to add a bit of youthfulness to your look, highlights can help to brighten up your face. And if you’re trying to camouflage some grays, lowlights can do the trick. Of course, it’s important to keep your skin tone in mind when choosing a hair color.

If you have a fair complexion, you’ll want to avoid colors that are too light or dark. And if you have a darker complexion, you’ll want to steer clear of anything that’s too red or orange. When it comes to highlights and lowlights, less is definitely more.


The best hair colors for 50 plus are those that complement your skin tone and make you feel fabulous. If you have fair skin, try a light ash blonde or a golden blonde. If you have medium skin, go for a rich caramel or auburn.

And if you have olive skin, try a dark chocolate brown or a deep burgundy. No matter what your age, you can rock any hair color as long as you feel confident and fabulous.

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